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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::memory::MemoryDataFrameProcessor Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::memory::MemoryDataFrameProcessor:

org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::AbstractDataFrameProcessor org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::DataFrameProcessor

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Detailed Description

Jaroslav Bachorik

Definition at line 56 of file MemoryDataFrameProcessor.java.

Public Member Functions

void doProcessDataFrame (byte[] buffer)
boolean hasListeners ()
void processDataFrame (byte[] buffer)
void removeAllListeners ()
void reset ()
void shutdown ()
void startup (ProfilerClient client)

Protected Member Functions

void addListener (final ProfilingResultListener listener)
void fireProfilingPoint (final int threadId, final int ppId, final long timeStamp)
void fireReset ()
void foreachListener (ListenerFunctor functor)
void removeListener (final ProfilingResultListener listener)

Protected Attributes

volatile ProfilerClient client = null

Static Protected Attributes

static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(DataFrameProcessor.class.getName())

Private Member Functions

void fireAllocStackTrace (final char classId, final long objSize, final int[] methodIds)
void fireGCPerformed (final char classId, final long objectId, final int objEpoch)
void fireLivenessStackTrace (final char classId, final long objectId, final int objEpoch, final long objSize, final int[] methodIds)

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