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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::cpu::StatisticsPanel Class Reference

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class  ChartItemPresenter
class  ChartPanel
class  ColorIcon
class  Container
class  KeyboardAwareLabel
interface  Listener
class  NavPanel

Public Member Functions

void addListener (Listener listener)
void addSnippet (JComponent component)
void removeListener (Listener listener)
void removeSnippet (JComponent component)
 StatisticsPanel (HTMLTextArea navArea, PieChart pieChart, Runnable navigationBackPerformer)

Private Member Functions

void initComponents (HTMLTextArea navArea, PieChart pieChart)
void refreshItemPresenters ()
void repopulateItemPresenters ()
void updateItemPresenters ()
void updateSnippets ()

Private Attributes

JPanel container
ArrayList itemPresenters = new ArrayList()
Vector listeners = new Vector()
Runnable navigationBackPerformer
NavPanel navPanel
JPanel noSnippetsBottomFiller
PieChart pieChart
ArrayList snippets = new ArrayList()
SnippetPanel.Padding snippetsBottomFiller

Static Private Attributes

static final ResourceBundle messages = ResourceBundle.getBundle("org.netbeans.lib.profiler.ui.cpu.Bundle")
static final String SCOPE_LABEL_TEXT = messages.getString("StatisticsPanel_ScopeLabelText")

Detailed Description

Jiri Sedlacek

Definition at line 90 of file StatisticsPanel.java.

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