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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::ExportDataDumper Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void close ()
void dumpData (StringBuffer s)
void dumpDataAndClose (StringBuffer s)
 ExportDataDumper (FileOutputStream fw)
IOException getCaughtException ()
int getNumExceptions ()
BufferedOutputStream getOutputStream ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int BUFFER_SIZE = 32000

Package Attributes

BufferedOutputStream bos
IOException caughtEx
int numExceptions = 0

Detailed Description

An instance of this class is passed to code that generates text representation of profiling results for export. It is intended that the text generating code periodically checks the size of the StringBuffer it uses for storage, and if it's above some critical value, dumps it using the code below. If there is an error during this process, it is not returned immediately to avoid making text generator code too complex - instead the caller can eventually retrieve the error using the getCaughtException() method.

Misha Dmitriev

Definition at line 62 of file ExportDataDumper.java.

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