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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::components::JTitledPanel Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::components::JTitledPanel:

org::netbeans::modules::profiler::heapwalk::ui::ClassesListControllerUI org::netbeans::modules::profiler::heapwalk::ui::FieldsBrowserControllerUI org::netbeans::modules::profiler::heapwalk::ui::HintsControllerUI org::netbeans::modules::profiler::heapwalk::ui::InstancesListControllerUI org::netbeans::modules::profiler::heapwalk::ui::OverviewControllerUI org::netbeans::modules::profiler::heapwalk::ui::ReferencesBrowserControllerUI

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Detailed Description

Jiri Sedlacek

Definition at line 90 of file JTitledPanel.java.

Public Member Functions

void add (PopupMenu popup)
Component add (String name, Component comp)
void add (Component comp, Object constraints, int index)
void add (Component comp, Object constraints)
Component add (Component comp, int index)
Component add (Component comp)
void addActionListener (ActionListener listener)
boolean areButtonsEnabled ()
void close ()
JPanel getContentPanel ()
Icon getIcon ()
LayoutManager getLayout ()
Dimension getMinimumSize ()
AbstractButton getPresenter ()
int getState ()
String getTitle ()
boolean isClosed ()
boolean isMaximized ()
boolean isMinimized ()
boolean isRestored ()
 JTitledPanel (String title, Icon icon, boolean showButtons)
 JTitledPanel (String title, Icon icon)
 JTitledPanel (String title)
void maximize ()
void minimize ()
void remove (int index)
void remove (MenuComponent component)
void remove (Component component)
void removeActionListener (ActionListener listener)
void removeAll ()
void restore ()
void setButtonsEnabled (boolean enabled)
void setLayout (LayoutManager mgr)

Static Public Attributes

static final int STATE_CLOSED = 1000
static final int STATE_MAXIMIZED = 1002
static final int STATE_MINIMIZED = 1003
static final int STATE_RESTORED = 1001

Protected Member Functions

Color getTitleBorderColor ()

Private Member Functions

void fireActionPerformed ()
void initComponents ()

Private Attributes

Vector actionListeners
JButton closePanelButton
JPanel contentPanel
Icon icon
JButton maximizePanelButton
JButton minimizePanelButton
AbstractButton presenter
JButton restorePanelButton
boolean showButtons
int state
String title
JPanel titlePanel

Static Private Attributes

static final ImageIcon closePanelIcon = new ImageIcon(JTitledPanel.class.getResource("/org/netbeans/lib/profiler/ui/resources/closePanel.png"))
static final ImageIcon maximizePanelIcon = new ImageIcon(JTitledPanel.class.getResource("/org/netbeans/lib/profiler/ui/resources/maximizePanel.png"))
static final ImageIcon minimizePanelIcon = new ImageIcon(JTitledPanel.class.getResource("/org/netbeans/lib/profiler/ui/resources/minimizePanel.png"))
static final ImageIcon restorePanelIcon = new ImageIcon(JTitledPanel.class.getResource("/org/netbeans/lib/profiler/ui/resources/restorePanel.png"))


class  DoubleClickListener
class  ImageIconButton
class  Presenter
class  ThinBevelBorder

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