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org::netbeans::nbbuild::MakeNBM::Blurb Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The same syntax may be used for either <samp><license></samp> or <samp><description></samp> subelements.

By setting the property makenbm.nocdata to true, you can avoid using XML CDATA (for compatibility with older versions of Auto Update which could not handle it).

Definition at line 107 of file MakeNBM.java.

Public Member Functions

void addText (String t)
FileInsert createFile ()
Text createText ()
String getName ()
org.w3c.dom.Text getTextNode (Document ownerDoc)
void setFile (File file)
void setName (String name)

Private Member Functions

void addSeparator ()
String crcOf (StringBuffer text)

Private Attributes

String name = null
StringBuffer text = new StringBuffer ()


class  FileInsert
class  Text

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