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org::netbeans::nbbuild::MakeNBM Class Reference

Inherits org::apache::tools::ant::Task.

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Detailed Description

Makes a .nbm (NetBeans Module) file.

Jesse Glick

Definition at line 97 of file MakeNBM.java.

Public Member Functions

Blurb createDescription ()
FileSet createExecutables ()
ExternalPackage createExternalPackage ()
Blurb createLicense ()
ZipFileSet createMain ()
Blurb createNotification ()
Signature createSignature ()
Path createUpdaterJar ()
void execute () throws BuildException
void setDistribution (String distribution) throws BuildException
void setFile (File file)
void setGlobal (String isGlobal)
void setHomepage (String homepage)
void setIsStandardInclude (boolean isStandardInclude)
void setJarSignerMaxMemory (String jsmm)
void setLocales (String s)
void setManifest (File manifest)
void setModule (String module)
void setModuleauthor (String author)
void setNeedsrestart (String needsrestart)
void setProductDir (File dir)
void setReleasedate (String date)
void setTargetcluster (String targetCluster)

Protected Member Functions

String getLicenseOverride ()
String getURLOverride ()
boolean overrideLicense ()
void overrideLicenseIfNeeded ()
boolean overrideURL ()
void overrideURLIfNeeded ()

Static Package Functions

static void validateAgainstAUDTDs (InputSource input, final Path updaterJar, final Task task) throws IOException, SAXException

Private Member Functions

Document createInfoXml (final Attributes attr) throws BuildException
Attributes getModuleAttributesForLocale (String locale) throws BuildException

Private Attributes

Blurb desc = null
String distribution = ""
Attributes englishAttr = null
FileSet executablesSet
ArrayList< ExternalPackage > externalPackages = null
File file = null
String global = null
String homepage = null
boolean isStandardInclude = true
String jarSignerMaxMemory = "96m"
Blurb license = null
ArrayList< String > locales = null
ZipFileSet main = null
File manifest = null
ArrayList< Attributes > moduleAttributes = null
String moduleauthor = null
String moduleName = null
long mostRecentInput = 0L
String needsrestart = null
Blurb notification = null
File productDir = null
String releasedate = null
Signature signature = null
String targetcluster = null
Path updaterJar

Static Private Attributes

static final SimpleDateFormat DATE_FORMAT = new SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy/MM/dd")


class  Blurb
class  ExternalPackage
class  Signature

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