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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::common::SessionSettings Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A Class holding transient data for a single profiling session. Typical usage is creating this class based on context and then call applySettings () on ProfilingEngineSettings. Not used for Attach.

The class travels through Ant, and thus can store/load itself to/from Properties.

Tomas Hurka

Ian Formanek

Definition at line 58 of file SessionSettings.java.

Public Member Functions

void applySettings (final ProfilerEngineSettings settings)
String debug ()
String getJavaExecutable ()
String getJavaVersionString ()
String getJVMArgs ()
String getMainArgs ()
String getMainClass ()
String getMainClassPath ()
int getPortNo ()
int getSystemArchitecture ()
String getWorkingDir ()
void load (Map props)
void setJavaExecutable (String value)
void setJavaVersionString (String value)
void setJVMArgs (final String value)
void setMainArgs (final String value)
void setMainClass (final String value)
void setMainClassPath (final String value)
void setPortNo (int value)
void setSystemArchitecture (int value)
void setWorkingDir (final String value)
void store (Map props)

Static Public Attributes

static final String PROP_ARCHITECTURE = "profiler.session.java.architecture"
static final String PROP_ARGS = "profiler.session.args"
static final String PROP_CLASS_NAME = "profiler.session.class.name"
static final String PROP_CLASS_PATH = "profiler.session.class.path"
static final String PROP_JAVA_EXECUTABLE = "profiler.session.java.executable"
static final String PROP_JAVA_VERSION = "profiler.session.java.version"
static final String PROP_JVM_ARGS = "profiler.session.jvm.args"
static final String PROP_PORT_NO = "profiler.session.port.no"
static final String PROP_WORKING_DIR = "profiler.session.working.dir"

Static Private Member Functions

static String getProperty (Map props, String key, String defaultValue)

Private Attributes

int architecture = Platform.ARCH_32
String javaExecutable = ""
String javaVersionString = ""
String jvmArgs = ""
String mainArgs = ""
String mainClass = ""
String mainClassPath = ""
int portNo = 5140
String workingDir = System.getProperty("user.dir")

Static Private Attributes

static final ResourceBundle bundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle("org.netbeans.lib.profiler.common.Bundle")
static final String INCORRECT_ARCH_MSG = bundle.getString("SessionSettings_IncorrectArchMsg")
static final String INCORRECT_PORT_MSG = bundle.getString("SessionSettings_IncorrectPortMsg")

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