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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::common::Profiler Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An abstract superclass representing the entire Profiler. The Profiler class should add a "state" on top of the underlying JFluid engine, providing easier access to its various functions.

A concrete subclass would implement the abstract methods in a specific way (integrated into an IDE, standalone GUI tool, non-gui tool, etc.).

This class can also be used by any profiling code to obtain the concrete implementation of the Profiler at any given moment by calling the getDefault () method. Such parts, if they only need to call methods of the Profiler class and/or any of the underlying libraries (jfluid.jar, jfluid-ui.jar) would then be independent of a concrete form of the profiler, whether it if GUI/Non-GUI or Integrated/Standalone.

Tomas Hurka

Ian Formanek

Definition at line 77 of file Profiler.java.

Public Member Functions

final void addProfilingStateListener (final ProfilingStateListener profilingStateListener)
abstract boolean attachToApp (ProfilingSettings profilingSettings, AttachSettings as)
abstract boolean connectToStartedApp (ProfilingSettings profilingSettings, SessionSettings sessionSettings)
abstract void detachFromApp ()
abstract void displayError (String message)
abstract void displayInfo (String message)
abstract void displayWarning (String message)
abstract int getAgentState (String host, int port, int agentId)
abstract SessionSettings getCurrentSessionSettings ()
abstract DefinedFilterSets getDefinedFilterSets ()
abstract GlobalFilters getGlobalFilters ()
abstract GlobalProfilingSettings getGlobalProfilingSettings ()
abstract ProfilingSettings getLastProfilingSettings ()
abstract String getLibsDir ()
abstract int getPlatformArchitecture (String platformName)
abstract String getPlatformJavaFile (String platformName)
abstract String getPlatformJDKVersion (String platformName)
abstract int getProfilingMode ()
abstract int getProfilingState ()
abstract TargetAppRunner getTargetAppRunner ()
abstract ThreadsDataManager getThreadsManager ()
abstract boolean getThreadsMonitoringEnabled ()
abstract VMTelemetryDataManager getVMTelemetryManager ()
abstract void instrumentSelectedRoots (ClientUtils.SourceCodeSelection[] rootMethods) throws ClassNotFoundException, InstrumentationException, BadLocationException, IOException, ClassFormatError, ClientUtils.TargetAppOrVMTerminated
abstract void log (int severity, String message)
abstract boolean modifyAvailable ()
abstract void modifyCurrentProfiling (ProfilingSettings profilingSettings)
abstract void notifyException (int severity, Exception e)
abstract void openJavaSource (String classname, String methodName, String methodSig)
boolean prepareInstrumentation (ProfilingSettings profilingSettings)
abstract boolean profileClass (ProfilingSettings profilingSettings, SessionSettings sessionSettings)
final boolean profilingInProgress ()
final void removeProfilingStateListener (final ProfilingStateListener profilingStateListener)
abstract boolean rerunAvailable ()
abstract void rerunLastProfiling ()
abstract boolean runCalibration (boolean checkForSaved, String jvmExecutable, String jdkString, int architecture)
abstract void setThreadsMonitoringEnabled (boolean enabled)
abstract boolean shutdownBlockedAgent (String host, int port, int agentId)
abstract void stopApp ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void debug (Exception e)
static void debug (String s)
static synchronized Profiler getDefault ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int ERROR = 16
static final int EXCEPTION = 8
static final int INFORMATIONAL = 1
static final int MODE_ATTACH = 0
static final int MODE_PROFILE = 1
static final int PROFILING_IN_TRANSITION = 128
static final int PROFILING_INACTIVE = 1
static final int PROFILING_PAUSED = 8
static final int PROFILING_RUNNING = 4
static final int PROFILING_STARTED = 2
static final int PROFILING_STOPPED = 16
static final int USER = 4
static final int WARNING = 2

Protected Member Functions

final void fireInstrumentationChanged (final int oldInstrType, final int currentInstrType)
final void fireProfilingStateChange (final int oldProfilingState, final int newProfilingState)
final void fireThreadsMonitoringChange ()

Private Attributes

int currentProfilingState = PROFILING_INACTIVE
Vector profilingStateListeners

Static Private Attributes

static final boolean DEBUG = System.getProperty("org.netbeans.lib.profiler.common.Profiler") != null
static Profiler defaultProfiler

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