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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::AbstractDataFrameProcessor Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::AbstractDataFrameProcessor:

org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::DataFrameProcessor org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::cpu::CPUDataFrameProcessor org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::memory::MemoryDataFrameProcessor

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Detailed Description

Jaroslav Bachorik

Definition at line 55 of file AbstractDataFrameProcessor.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean hasListeners ()
void processDataFrame (byte[] buffer)
void removeAllListeners ()
void reset ()
void shutdown ()
void startup (ProfilerClient client)

Protected Member Functions

void addListener (final ProfilingResultListener listener)
abstract void doProcessDataFrame (byte[] buffer)
void fireProfilingPoint (final int threadId, final int ppId, final long timeStamp)
void fireReset ()
void foreachListener (ListenerFunctor functor)
void removeListener (final ProfilingResultListener listener)

Protected Attributes

volatile ProfilerClient client = null

Static Protected Attributes

static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(DataFrameProcessor.class.getName())

Private Member Functions

void fireBatchStart ()
void fireBatchStop ()
void fireShutdown ()

Private Attributes

final Set listeners = new HashSet()
boolean processorLives = false


interface  ListenerFunctor

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