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static synchronized void org::netbeans::lib::profiler::server::ProfilerRuntimeMemory::getAndSendCurrentStackTrace ( char  classId,
char  epoch,
int  objCount,
long  objSize 
) [inline, static, protected, inherited]

This is used in Object Liveness profiling mode

Definition at line 217 of file ProfilerRuntimeMemory.java.

References org::netbeans::lib::profiler::server::ProfilerRuntimeMemory::writeObjLivenessStackTraceEvent().

        if (eventBuffer == null) {
            return; // Chances are that instrumentation has been removed while we were executing instrumentation code

        synchronized (eventBuffer) { // Note that we have to use synchronization here due to the static stackFrameIds[] array

            if (samplingDepth != 0) {
                stackDepth = Stacks.getCurrentStackFrameIds(Thread.currentThread(), samplingDepth, stackFrameIds);

            writeObjLivenessStackTraceEvent(classId, epoch, objCount, objSize);

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