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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::components::HTMLTextArea Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::components::HTMLTextArea:


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Detailed Description

Ian Formanek

Jiri Sedlacek

Definition at line 78 of file HTMLTextArea.java.

Public Member Functions

void deleteSelection ()
boolean getShowPopup ()
 HTMLTextArea (String text)
void hyperlinkUpdate (HyperlinkEvent e)
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent e)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent e)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent e)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent e)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent e)
void paste ()
void setForeground (Color color)
void setShowPopup (boolean showPopup)
void setText (String value)

Protected Member Functions

JPopupMenu createPopupMenu ()
JPopupMenu getPopupMenu ()
void showURL (URL url)
void updatePopupMenu ()

Private Member Functions

ActionListener createPopupListener ()

Private Attributes

JMenuItem itemCopy
JMenuItem itemCut
JMenuItem itemDelete
JMenuItem itemPaste
JMenuItem itemSelectAll
String originalText
ActionListener popupListener
JPopupMenu popupMenu
boolean showPopup = true

Static Private Attributes

static final String COPY_STRING = messages.getString("HTMLTextArea_CopyString")
static final String CUT_STRING = messages.getString("HTMLTextArea_CutString")
static final String DELETE_STRING = messages.getString("HTMLTextArea_DeleteString")
static final ResourceBundle messages = ResourceBundle.getBundle("org.netbeans.lib.profiler.ui.components.Bundle")
static final String PASTE_STRING = messages.getString("HTMLTextArea_PasteString")
static final String SELECT_ALL_STRING = messages.getString("HTMLTextArea_SelectAllString")


class  ExtendedHTMLWriter
class  HTMLTextAreaTransferHandler
class  NcrToUnicode

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