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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::components::treetable::ExtendedTreeTableModel Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::components::treetable::ExtendedTreeTableModel:

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Detailed Description

TreeTable model that extends AbstractTableModel and allows to hide columns

Jiri Sedlacek

Definition at line 49 of file ExtendedTreeTableModel.java.

Public Member Functions

void addTreeModelListener (TreeModelListener l)
 ExtendedTreeTableModel (AbstractTreeTableModel realModel)
void fireTreeNodesChanged (Object source, Object[] path, int[] childIndices, Object[] children)
void fireTreeNodesInserted (Object source, Object[] path, int[] childIndices, Object[] children)
void fireTreeNodesRemoved (Object source, Object[] path, int[] childIndices, Object[] children)
void fireTreeStructureChanged (Object source, Object[] path, int[] childIndices, Object[] children)
Object getChild (Object node, int num)
int getChildCount (Object node)
Class getColumnClass (int col)
int getColumnCount ()
String getColumnName (int col)
boolean[] getColumnsVisibility ()
String getColumnToolTipText (int columnIndex)
int getIndexOfChild (Object parent, Object child)
boolean getInitialSorting (int column)
int getInitialSortingColumn ()
boolean getInitialSortingOrder ()
CCTNode[] getPathToRoot (CCTNode aNode)
int getRealColumn (int column)
Object getRoot ()
Object getValueAt (Object node, int column)
int getVirtualColumn (int column)
void hideRealColumn (int column)
boolean isCellEditable (Object node, int column)
boolean isLeaf (Object node)
boolean isRealColumnVisible (int column)
void removeTreeModelListener (TreeModelListener l)
void setColumnsVisibility (boolean[] columnsVisibility)
void setRealColumnVisibility (int column, boolean visible)
void setRoot (Object root)
void setValueAt (Object aValue, Object node, int column)
void showRealColumn (int column)
void sortByColumn (int column, boolean order)
boolean supportsSorting ()
void valueForPathChanged (TreePath path, Object newValue)

Protected Attributes

int initialSortingColumn
boolean initialSortingOrder
CCTNode root
boolean supportsSorting

Private Member Functions

void recomputeColumnsMapping ()

Private Attributes

int[] columnsMapping
boolean[] columnsVisibility
int realColumnsCount
AbstractTreeTableModel realModel
int virtualColumnsCount

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