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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::UIUtils Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Various UI utilities used in the JFluid UI

Ian Formanek

Jiri Sedlacek

Definition at line 64 of file UIUtils.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static void autoExpand (JTree tree, TreePath path, int maxLines, int maxChildToExpand, boolean dontExpandToLeafs)
static void autoExpandRoot (JTree tree, int maxChildToExpand)
static void autoExpandRoot (JTree tree)
static float[] copyArray (float[] array)
static int[] copyArray (int[] array)
static long[] copyArray (long[] array)
static BufferedImage createScreenshot (Component component)
static void ensureMinimumSize (Component comp)
static void fixButtonUI (AbstractButton button)
static Color getDarker (Color c)
static Color getDarkerLine (Color c, float alternateRowDarkerFactor)
static int getDefaultRowHeight ()
static int getNextSubTabIndex (JTabbedPane tabs, int tabIndex)
static Window getParentWindow (Component comp)
static int getPreviousSubTabIndex (JTabbedPane tabs, int tabIndex)
static Color getProfilerResultsBackground ()
static Color getSafeColor (int red, int green, int blue)
static Color getUnfocusedSelectionBackground ()
static Color getUnfocusedSelectionForeground ()
static boolean hasOnlyLeafs (JTree tree, Object node)
static boolean isAquaLookAndFeel ()
static boolean isGTKLookAndFeel ()
static boolean isMetalLookAndFeel ()
static boolean isNimbus ()
static boolean isNimbusGTKTheme ()
static boolean isNimbusLookAndFeel ()
static boolean isWindowsClassicLookAndFeel ()
static boolean isWindowsLookAndFeel ()
static boolean isWindowsXPLookAndFeel ()
static void makeTreeAutoExpandable (final JTree tree, final int maxChildToExpand, final boolean dontExpandToLeafs)
static void makeTreeAutoExpandable (JTree tree, final int maxChildToExpand)
static void makeTreeAutoExpandable (JTree tree, final boolean dontExpandToLeafs)
static void makeTreeAutoExpandable (JTree tree)
static void runInEventDispatchThread (final Runnable r)
static void runInEventDispatchThreadAndWait (final Runnable r)

Static Public Attributes

static final float ALTERNATE_ROW_DARKER_FACTOR = 0.96f
static final String PROP_EXPANSION_TRANSACTION = "expansion_transaction"

Static Private Member Functions

static BufferedImage createComponentScreenshot (final Component component)
static BufferedImage createGeneralComponentScreenshot (Component component)
static BufferedImage createTableScreenshot (Component component)
static Color getGTKProfilerResultsBackground ()
static Color getNonGTKProfilerResultsBackground ()

Static Private Attributes

static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(UIUtils.class.getName())
static final int MAX_TREE_AUTOEXPAND_LINES = 50
static Color profilerResultsBackground
static boolean toolTipValuesInitialized = false
static Color unfocusedSelBg
static Color unfocusedSelFg

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