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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::charts::axis::TimeAxisUtils Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Jiri Sedlacek

Definition at line 40 of file TimeAxisUtils.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static String formatTime (TimeMark mark)
static String getFormatString (long step, long startTime, long endTime)
static int getRangeFlag (long startTime, long endTime)
static int getStepFlag (long step)
static long getTimeUnits (double scale, int minDistance)

Static Public Attributes

static final String DATE_MONTH = createDateMonth(DATE_YEAR)
static final String DATE_SINGLEYEAR = "yyyy"
static final String DATE_WEEKDAY = "EEEE"
static final String DATE_WEEKDAY_SHORT = "EEE"
static final String DATE_YEAR = createDateYear()
static final String DATE_YEARMONTH = "MMMM"
static final int DAY_NEEDED = 1
static final int MONTH_NEEDED = 2
static final int NTHNG_NEEDED = 0
static final int STEP_DAY = 16
static final int STEP_HOUR = 8
static final int STEP_MIN = 4
static final int STEP_MONTH = 64
static final int STEP_MSEC = 1
static final int STEP_SEC = 2
static final int STEP_WEEK = 32
static final int STEP_YEAR = 128
static final String TIME_DATE_FORMAT = "{0}, {1}"
static final String TIME_MIN = createTimeMin()
static final String TIME_MSEC = createTimeMSec(TIME_SEC)
static final String TIME_SEC = createTimeSec()
static final long[] timeUnitsGrid
static final int YEAR_NEEDED = 4

Static Private Member Functions

static String createDateMonth (String dateYear)
static String createDateYear ()
static String createTimeMin ()
static String createTimeMSec (String timeSec)
static String createTimeSec ()
static boolean isPatternChar (String s)

Static Private Attributes

static final Map< String, Format > FORMATS = new HashMap()
static final String PATTERN_CHARS = "GyMwWDdFEaHkKhmsSzZ"

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