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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::charts::SynchronousXYChartAAA Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::netbeans::lib::profiler::ui::charts::SynchronousXYChartAAA:


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Detailed Description

Tomas Hurka

Jiri Sedlacek

Definition at line 58 of file SynchronousXYChartAAA.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized void addChartActionListener (ChartActionListener chartActionListener)
void adjustmentValueChanged (AdjustmentEvent e)
void allowSelection ()
void associateJScrollBar (JScrollBar scrollBar)
void chartDataChanged ()
void componentHidden (ComponentEvent e)
void componentMoved (ComponentEvent e)
void componentResized (ComponentEvent e)
void componentShown (ComponentEvent e)
boolean containsValidData ()
void deassociateJScrollBar ()
void denySelection ()
void fitToViewRectangle (int viewX, int viewY, int viewWidth, int viewHeight)
AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext ()
boolean getAutoTrackingEnd ()
Paint getBackgroundPaint ()
Paint getChartPaint ()
Stroke getChartStroke ()
int getCopyAcceleration ()
long getDataToViewHeight (long height, int seriesIndex)
long getDataToViewWidth (long width)
long getDataToViewX (long xValue)
long getDataToViewY (long yValue, int seriesIndex)
Font getHorizontalAxisFont ()
Paint getHorizontalMeshPaint ()
Stroke getHorizontalMeshStroke ()
int getIntBlockIncrement ()
int getIntExtent ()
int getIntMaximum ()
int getIntMinimum ()
int getIntPosition ()
int getIntUnitIncrement ()
int getLeadingItemIndexForPosition (int x)
double getMaximumZoom ()
int getMinimumVerticalMarksDistance ()
double getMinimumZoom ()
SynchronousXYChartModel getModel ()
long getRealExtent ()
long getRealMaximum ()
long getRealMinimum ()
long getRealPosition ()
double getScale ()
boolean getSelectionTracksMovement ()
String getTimeAtPosition (int x)
int getTopChartMargin ()
boolean getUseSecondaryVerticalAxis ()
Font getVerticalAxisFont ()
int getVerticalAxisValueDivider ()
int getVerticalAxisValueDivider2 ()
String getVerticalAxisValueString ()
String getVerticalAxisValueString2 ()
Paint getVerticalMeshPaint ()
Stroke getVerticalMeshStroke ()
long getViewOffsetX ()
double getViewToDataApproxHeight (long height, int seriesIndex)
double getViewToDataApproxWidth (long width)
double getViewToDataApproxX (long xValue)
double getViewToDataApproxY (long yValue, int seriesIndex)
long getYValueAtPosition (int x, int seriesIndex)
boolean hasValidDataForPosition (int x, int y)
boolean hasValidDataForPosition (Point point)
boolean isFitToWindow ()
boolean isMaximumZoom ()
boolean isMinimumZoom ()
boolean isOverChart (int x, int y)
boolean isOverChart (Point point)
boolean isReady ()
boolean isSelectionAllowed ()
boolean isTrackingEnd ()
boolean isVerticalAxisValueAdaptDivider ()
boolean isVerticalAxisValueAdaptDivider2 ()
boolean isWithinData (int x)
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent e)
void mouseDragged (MouseEvent e)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent e)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent e)
void mouseMoved (MouseEvent e)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent e)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent e)
void paintComponent (Graphics g)
synchronized void removeChartActionListener (ChartActionListener chartActionListener)
void resetChart ()
void resetFitToWindow ()
void resetTrackingEnd ()
void setAccessibleContext (AccessibleContext accessibleContext)
void setAutoTrackingEnd (boolean autoTrackingEnd)
void setBackgroundPaint (Paint backgroundPaint)
void setChartPaint (Paint chartPaint)
void setChartStroke (Stroke chartStroke)
void setCopyAcceleration (int copyAccel)
void setFitToWindow ()
void setFitToWindow (boolean fitToWindow)
void setHorizontalAxisFont (Font horizontalAxisFont)
void setHorizontalMeshPaint (Paint horizontalMeshPaint)
void setHorizontalMeshStroke (Stroke horizontalMeshStroke)
void setMinimumVerticalMarksDistance (int minimumVerticalMarksDistance)
void setModel (SynchronousXYChartModel model)
void setScale (double viewScaleX)
void setScaleAndOffsetX (double viewScaleX, long viewOffsetX)
void setSelectionTracksMovement (boolean selectionTracksMovement)
void setTopChartMargin (int topChartMargin)
void setTrackingEnd ()
void setTrackingEnd (boolean trackingEnd)
void setTrackingEnd (double viewScaleX)
void setupInitialAppearance (long firstValueH, long lastValueH, long firstValueV, long lastValueV)
void setUseSecondaryVerticalAxis (boolean useSecondaryVerticalAxis)
void setVerticalAxisFont (Font verticalAxisFont)
void setVerticalAxisValueAdaptDivider (boolean verticalAxisValueAdaptDivider)
void setVerticalAxisValueAdaptDivider2 (boolean verticalAxisValueAdaptDivider2)
void setVerticalAxisValueDivider (int verticalAxisValueDivider)
void setVerticalAxisValueDivider2 (int verticalAxisValueDivider2)
void setVerticalAxisValueString (String verticalAxisValueString)
void setVerticalAxisValueString2 (String verticalAxisValueString2)
void setVerticalMeshPaint (Paint verticalMeshPaint)
void setVerticalMeshStroke (Stroke verticalMeshStroke)
void setViewOffsetX (long viewOffsetX)
 SynchronousXYChartAAA (int type, int dataType, double initialZoom)
 SynchronousXYChartAAA (int type, int dataType)
 SynchronousXYChartAAA (int type)
 SynchronousXYChartAAA ()
void update (Graphics g)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args)

Static Public Attributes

static final int COPY_ACCEL_GENERIC = 100
static final int COPY_ACCEL_RASTER = 101
static final int TYPE_FILL = 2
static final int TYPE_LINE = 1
static final int VALUES_DISCRETE = 51
static final int VALUES_INTERPOLATED = 50

Protected Member Functions

void fireChartDataChanged ()
void fireChartFitToWindowChanged ()
void fireChartPanned ()
void fireChartTrackingEndChanged ()
void fireChartZoomed ()

Private Member Functions

void changeFitToWindow (boolean newValue)
void changePan (long newValue)
void changeTrackingEnd (boolean newValue)
void changeZoom (double newValue)
boolean checkBottomChartMargin ()
void checkChartMargins ()
boolean checkLeftChartMargin ()
boolean checkRightChartMargin ()
void doRepaint (boolean rescale)
void drawChart (Graphics2D g2)
void drawChartFitToWindow (Graphics2D g2)
void drawChartFromCurrentViewOffsetX (Graphics2D g2)
void drawChartFromOffset (Graphics2D g2, int leadingItemIndex, int startClipX, int endClipX)
void drawChartFromOffset (Graphics2D g2, long offsetX)
void drawChartLegend (Graphics2D g2, Shape chartClip, int startClipX, int endClipX)
void drawChartLegendEmpty (Graphics2D g2)
void drawFillSeriesItem (Graphics2D g2, Color color, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
void drawHorizontalAxisLegendSegment (Graphics2D g2, long currentMark, int x)
void drawHorizontalChartLegend (Graphics2D g2, Shape chartClip, int startClipX, int endClipX, long firstValue, long lastValue)
void drawHorizontalMeshSegment (Graphics2D g2, Shape chartClip, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
void drawLineSeriesItem (Graphics2D g2, Color color, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
void drawSelection (Graphics2D g2)
void drawSeriesItem (Graphics2D g2, Color color, long x1, long y1, long x2, long y2)
void drawVerticalAxisLegendSegment (Graphics2D g2, long currentMark, long optimalUnits, int y)
void drawVerticalAxisLegendSegment2 (Graphics2D g2, long currentMark, long optimalUnits, int y)
void drawVerticalChartLegend (Graphics2D g2, Shape chartClip, int startClipX, int endClipX, double firstValue, double lastValue)
void drawVerticalMeshSegment (Graphics2D g2, Shape chartClip, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
void fitToSelection ()
void fitToWindow ()
int getBottomHorizontalAxisLegendHeight ()
int getLeadingItemIndex (long offsetX, int lastLeadingItemIndex)
int getLeadingItemIndex (long offsetX)
int getLeftVerticalAxisLegendWidth ()
int getRightVerticalAxisLegendWidth ()
String getVerticalAxisMarkString (long mark)
String getVerticalAxisMarkString2 (long mark)
double getXValueAtPosition (int x)
void paintHorizontalTimeMarkString (Graphics2D g2, long currentMark, int x)
void paintVerticalTimeMarkString (Graphics2D g2, long currentMark, long optimalUnits, int y)
void paintVerticalTimeMarkString2 (Graphics2D g2, long currentMark, long optimalUnits, int y)
void performSelectionDone ()
void updateOffScreenImageSize ()
void updateScaleFactors ()
void updateScrollBarValues ()
void updateTrailingItemVisible ()

Private Attributes

AccessibleContext accessibleContext
boolean allowSelection
boolean autoTrackingEnd
Paint backgroundPaint
Vector chartActionListeners
int chartHeight
Insets chartInsets
Paint chartPaint
Stroke chartStroke
int chartWidth
int copyAccel = COPY_ACCEL_GENERIC
boolean customizedEmptyAppearance = false
long dataOffsetX
long dataOffsetY = 0L
int dataType
long dataViewWidth
double dataWidthAtTrackingEndSwitch
int drawHeight
int drawWidth
Color evenSelectionSegmentsColor
Stroke evenSelectionSegmentsStroke
long firstValueH
long firstValueV
boolean fitToWindow
Rectangle horizontalAxisClip = new Rectangle()
Font horizontalAxisFont
Font horizontalAxisFontSmall
Rectangle horizontalAxisMarksClip = new Rectangle()
Paint horizontalAxisPaint
Stroke horizontalAxisStroke
Paint horizontalMeshPaint
Stroke horizontalMeshStroke
double initialZoom
Insets insets
boolean internalScrollBarChange
int lastLeadingItemIndex
boolean lastLeadingItemIsForBuffer
long lastMaxY = Long.MIN_VALUE
long lastMinY = Long.MAX_VALUE
boolean lastScaleXValid
boolean lastScaleYValid
int lastTrailingItemIndex
boolean lastTrailingItemIndexValid
long lastValueH
long lastValueV
long lastViewOffsetX
boolean lastViewOffsetXValid
Color limitYColor = Color.WHITE
long limitYValue = Long.MAX_VALUE
int minimumVerticalMarksDistance
SynchronousXYChartModel model
boolean mouseInProgress
Color oddSelectionSegmentColor
Stroke oddSelectionSegmentStroke
Graphics2D offScreenGraphics
BufferedImage offScreenImage
boolean offScreenImageInvalid
long optimalUnits
boolean scaleFactorsNeedUpdate
double scaleFactorX
double scaleFactorY
JScrollBar scrollBar
double scrollBarLongToIntFactor
boolean scrollBarValuesDirty
int selectionHeight
boolean selectionTracksMovement
int selectionWidth
int selectionX
int selectionY
int topChartMargin
boolean trackingEnd
boolean trailingItemVisible
int type
boolean useDayInTimeLegend
boolean useSecondaryVerticalAxis
Rectangle verticalAxisClip = new Rectangle()
Rectangle verticalAxisClip2 = new Rectangle()
Font verticalAxisFont
Paint verticalAxisPaint
Stroke verticalAxisStroke
boolean verticalAxisValueAdaptDivider
boolean verticalAxisValueAdaptDivider2
int verticalAxisValueDivider
int verticalAxisValueDivider2
String verticalAxisValueString
String verticalAxisValueString2
Paint verticalMeshPaint
Stroke verticalMeshStroke
long viewOffsetX
double viewScaleX

Static Private Attributes

static final String FIT_TO_WINDOW_STRING = messages.getString("SynchronousXYChart_FitToWindowString")
static final int HORIZONTAL_LEGEND_MARGIN = 5
static final double maximumZoom = DateTimeAxisUtils.getMaximumScale(minimumOptimalUnits)
static final ResourceBundle messages = ResourceBundle.getBundle("org.netbeans.lib.profiler.ui.charts.Bundle")
static final long minimumOptimalUnits = 100
static final double minimumVisibleDataWidthRel = 0.1d

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