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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::cpu::PrestimeCPUCCTNodeBacked Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::cpu::PrestimeCPUCCTNodeBacked:

org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::cpu::PrestimeCPUCCTNode org::netbeans::lib::profiler::results::CCTNode

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Detailed Description

Presentation-Time CPU Profiling Calling Context Tree (CCT) Node backed by the flattened tree data array in CPUCCTContainer. These nodes are constructed on demand, i.e. only when the user opens some node in the CCT on screen. They contain minimum amount of data in the node instance itself. As a result, a tree constructed of such nodes has a very small overhead on top of the flattened data that already exists (and has relatively low space consumption and construction time). The drawback is that it's difficult to add elements to a tree represented in the flattened form.

Misha Dmitriev

Definition at line 55 of file PrestimeCPUCCTNodeBacked.java.

Public Member Functions

CCTNode getChild (int index)
CCTNode[] getChildren ()
CPUCCTContainer getContainer ()
int getIndexOfChild (Object child)
String[] getMethodClassNameAndSig ()
int getMethodId ()
int getNCalls ()
int getNChildren ()
String getNodeName ()
CCTNode getParent ()
long getSleepTime0 ()
int getThreadId ()
long getTotalTime0 ()
float getTotalTime0InPerCent ()
long getTotalTime1 ()
float getTotalTime1InPerCent ()
long getWaitTime0 ()
boolean isContextCallsNode ()
boolean isSelfTimeNode ()
boolean isThreadNode ()
 PrestimeCPUCCTNodeBacked (CPUCCTContainer container, PrestimeCPUCCTNode parent, int compactDataOfs)
void setContextCallsNode ()
void setSelfTimeNode ()
void setThreadNode ()
void sortChildren (int sortBy, boolean sortOrder)
String toString ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int SORT_BY_INVOCATIONS = 4
static final int SORT_BY_NAME = 1
static final int SORT_BY_TIME_0 = 2
static final int SORT_BY_TIME_1 = 3

Protected Member Functions

PrestimeCPUCCTNode createSelfTimeNodeForThisNode ()
void doSortChildren (int sortBy, boolean sortOrder)
 PrestimeCPUCCTNodeBacked (CPUCCTContainer container, PrestimeCPUCCTNode[] children)
void sortChildrenByInvocations (boolean sortOrder)
void sortChildrenByName (boolean sortOrder)
void sortChildrenByTime0 (boolean sortOrder)
void sortChildrenByTime1 (boolean sortOrder)
void sortInts (int[] values, boolean sortOrder)
void sortLongs (long[] values, boolean sortOrder)
void sortStrings (String[] values, boolean sortOrder)

Protected Attributes

PrestimeCPUCCTNode[] children
int compactDataOfs
CPUCCTContainer container
char flags
int nChildren
PrestimeCPUCCTNode parent

Static Protected Attributes

static final char MASK_CONTEXT_CALLS_NODE = 0x2
static final char MASK_SELF_TIME_NODE = 0x1
static final char MASK_THREAD_NODE = 0x4

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