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org::netbeans::modules::profiler::j2ee::DirectorySelectorCombo Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Jaroslav Bachorik

Definition at line 66 of file DirectorySelectorCombo.java.

Public Member Functions

 DirectorySelectorCombo ()
String getActionText ()
int getItemCountLimit ()
String getNoneText ()
String getSelectedPath ()
String getStartDir ()
Set< String > getSupportedExtensions ()
String getWelcomeText ()
boolean isEditable ()
boolean isShowWelcome ()
boolean isValidSelection ()
void setActionText (String value)
void setEditable (boolean value)
void setItemCountLimit (int value)
void setNoneText (String value)
void setShowWelcome (boolean value)
void setStartDir (final String path)
void setSupportedExtensions (Set< String > supportedExtensions)
void setWelcomeText (String value)

Static Public Attributes

static final String PROPERTY_SELECTEDPATH = "selectedPath"

Private Member Functions

ComboListElement addPath (String path)
void browseFiles ()
void changeModel ()
void fileMRUActionPerformed (java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt)
void fileMRUKeyPressed (java.awt.event.KeyEvent evt)
void fileMRUPopupMenuWillBecomeInvisible (javax.swing.event.PopupMenuEvent evt)
void fileMRUPopupMenuWillBecomeVisible (javax.swing.event.PopupMenuEvent evt)
void initComponents ()
void initCustom ()

Private Attributes

String actionText
javax.swing.JComboBox fileMRU
int itemCountLimit
int lastKeypress = 0
Object lastSelectedObject = null
String lastSelectedPath
String noneText
Object propertyChangeTracker = null
boolean showWelcome
Set< String > supportedExtensions
boolean validSelection
String welcomeText

Static Private Attributes

static final String ACTION_STRING = NbBundle.getMessage(DirectorySelectorCombo.class, "DirectorySelectorCombo_ActionString")
static final String DIALOG_CAPTION = NbBundle.getMessage(DirectorySelectorCombo.class, "DirectorySelectorCombo_DialogCaption")
static final String DIALOG_FILTER = NbBundle.getMessage(DirectorySelectorCombo.class, "DirectorySelectorCombo_DialogFilter")
static final String NONE_STRING = NbBundle.getMessage(DirectorySelectorCombo.class, "DirectorySelectorCombo_NoneString")
static final String SELECT_ACTION_STRING = NbBundle.getMessage(DirectorySelectorCombo.class, "DirectorySelectorCombo_SelectActionString")


class  ComboListElement
class  SeparatedListCellRenderer
class  StringComboListElement

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