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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::heap::HprofHeap Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::netbeans::lib::profiler::heap::HprofHeap:


List of all members.

Detailed Description

Tomas Hurka

Definition at line 60 of file HprofHeap.java.

Public Member Functions

List getAllClasses ()
GCRoot getGCRoot (Instance instance)
Collection getGCRoots ()
Instance getInstanceByID (long instanceID)
JavaClass getJavaClassByID (long javaclassId)
JavaClass getJavaClassByName (String fqn)
HeapSummary getSummary ()
Properties getSystemProperties ()

Package Functions

void computeInstances ()
List computeInstances (ClassDump cls)
List findReferencesFor (long instanceId, byte[] idArray)
ClassDumpSegment getClassDumpSegment ()
LoadClassSegment getLoadClassSegment ()
StringSegment getStringSegment ()
int getValueSize (final byte type)
 HprofHeap (File dumpFile, int seg) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException
int readDumpTag (long[] offset)
int readTag (long[] offset)

Package Attributes

HprofByteBuffer dumpBuffer
LongMap idToOffsetMap
NearestGCRoot nearestGCRoot

Static Package Attributes

static final int BOOLEAN = 4
static final int BYTE = 8
static final int CHAR = 5
static final int CLASS_DUMP = 0x20
static final int DOUBLE = 7
static final int FLOAT = 6
static final int HEAP_SUMMARY = 7
static final int INT = 10
static final int LOAD_CLASS = 2
static final int LONG = 11
static final int OBJECT = 2
static final int OBJECT_ARRAY_DUMP = 0x22
static final int PRIMITIVE_ARRAY_DUMP = 0x23
static final int ROOT_JAVA_FRAME = 3
static final int ROOT_JNI_GLOBAL = 1
static final int ROOT_JNI_LOCAL = 2
static final int ROOT_MONITOR_USED = 7
static final int ROOT_NATIVE_STACK = 4
static final int ROOT_STICKY_CLASS = 5
static final int ROOT_THREAD_BLOCK = 6
static final int ROOT_THREAD_OBJECT = 8
static final int ROOT_UNKNOWN = 0xff
static final int SHORT = 9
static final int STRING = 1

Private Member Functions

Map computeGCRootsFor (TagBounds tagBounds)
TagBounds computeHeapDumpStart () throws IOException
boolean contains (byte[] idArray, byte[] fields)
void fillHeapTagBounds ()
void fillTagBounds (long tagStart)
int readConstantPool (long[] offset)
int readInstanceFields (long[] offset)
int readStaticFields (long[] offset)
byte readValue (long[] offset)

Private Attributes

TagBounds allInstanceDumpBounds
ComputedSummary computedSummary
Map gcRoots
TagBounds headDumpSegment
TagBounds[] heapTagBounds
int idMapSize
boolean instancesCountComputed
int segment
TagBounds[] tagBounds = new TagBounds[0xff]

Static Private Attributes

static final int ALLOC_SITES = 6
static final int CONTROL_SETTINGS = 0xe
static final int CPU_SAMPLES = 0xd
static final boolean DEBUG = false
static final int END_THREAD = 0xb
static final int HEAP_DUMP = 0xc
static final int HEAP_DUMP_END = 0x2c
static final int HEAP_DUMP_SEGMENT = 0x1c
static final int INSTANCE_DUMP = 0x21
static final int STACK_FRAME = 4
static final int STACK_TRACE = 5
static final int START_THREAD = 0xa
static final int UNLOAD_CLASS = 3

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