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org::netbeans::lib::profiler::global::ProfilingSessionStatus Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Various data pertinent to the profiling session. Note that this class is used by both client and back end, although some data at the back end side is contained in the reduced form, to reduce memory usage.

Tomas Hurka

Misha Dmitriev

Adrian Mos

Definition at line 55 of file ProfilingSessionStatus.java.

Public Member Functions

void beginTrans (boolean mutable)
boolean collectingTwoTimeStamps ()
void endTrans ()
int[] getAllocatedInstancesCount ()
int[] getClassLoaderIds ()
String[] getClassNames ()
String[] getInstrMethodClasses ()
boolean[] getInstrMethodInvoked ()
String[] getInstrMethodNames ()
String[] getInstrMethodSignatures ()
int getNInstrClasses ()
int getNInstrMethods ()
int getStartingMethodId ()
void resetInstrClassAndMethodInfo ()
void setInstrMethodNames (String[] value)
void setInstrMethodSignatures (String[] value)
void setTimerTypes (boolean absolute, boolean threadCPU)
void updateAllocatedInstancesCountInfoInClient (String addedClassName)
void updateAllocatedInstancesCountInfoInServer (int nTotalClasses)
void updateInstrMethodsInfo (String className, int loaderId, String methodName, String methodSignature)
void updateInstrMethodsInfo (int nClasses, int nMethods, String[] classes, int[] loaderIds, int[] nMethodsInClass, String[] methodNames, String[] methodSignatures, boolean[] isMethodLeaf)

Public Attributes

boolean absoluteTimerOn
int currentInstrType
long dumpAbsTimeStamp
String fullTargetJDKVersionString
String instrClassLoaderName
int instrEndLine
int instrScheme
int instrStartLine
String javaCommand
String jvmArguments
long maxHeapSize
double[] methodEntryExitCallTime = new double[N_TIMER_CONSTANTS]
double[] methodEntryExitInnerTime = new double[N_TIMER_CONSTANTS]
double[] methodEntryExitOuterTime = new double[N_TIMER_CONSTANTS]
ProfilingPointServerHandler[] profilingPointHandlers
int[] profilingPointIDs
boolean remoteProfiling = false
boolean runningInAttachedMode
InternalStatsResponse savedInternalStats
boolean startProfilingPointsActive
long startupTimeInCounts
long startupTimeMillis
volatile boolean targetAppRunning
String targetJDKVersionString
String targetMachineOSName
boolean threadCPUTimerOn
long[] timerCountsInSecond = new long[2]

Static Public Attributes

static final int CODE_REGION_CLASS_IDX = 0
static final int N_TIMER_CONSTANTS = 5

Private Attributes

int[] allocatedInstancesCount
int[] classLoaderIds
String[] classNames
String[] instrMethodClasses
boolean[] instrMethodInvoked
String[] instrMethodNames
String[] instrMethodSignatures
int nInstrClasses
int nInstrMethods
TransactionalSupport transaction = new TransactionalSupport()

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